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Level 3

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Level 3
Level 3 - Advanced Digitizing (previously known as ES 65)

Armed with the complete power of Wilcom ES, level 65 is the only choice for the advanced digitizer.

Encompassing Wilcom’s complete range of embroidery lettering, editing and digitizing tools, Wilcom ES level 65 contains as standard superior Chenille embroidery and stunning automated Sequin design tools.

High Volume - Maximum Power

Productivity and efficiency are the main focus of Level 65. Crafted to support high-volume embroidery, time-saving tools such as Mirror-Merge, Fusion Fill and Color Blending complement an easy-to-use interface designed to give you maximum power.

For total business benefits, Wilcom ES Level 65 is the only choice.

The industry’s most powerful digitizing tool

Enjoy the benefits of the industry’s most powerful digitizing tool, Fusion Fill. <%--

--%> This patented feature, exclusive to Wilcom, dramatically reduces digitizing time.

Fusion Fill eliminates the need for multiple objects. This tool allows you to create a single, complex object with multiple stitch angles, and even holes. It is perfect for designs containing complicated, turning shapes or large filled areas.

Stunning sequins

For some time the European market in particular has seen the sale of machines with new sequin capabilities. With the popularity of sequin design increasing, ES Designer now provides a dedicated set of Sequin tools which allow you to digitize sequin designs quickly and easily.

Create sequin runs along digitized lines, either placingsequins manually or allowing ES toautomatically space sequins for you. User control allows for sequin spacing and size to be easily changed. Select from a palette of sequin shapes and fixing stitch styles, plus color your sequins to achieve a realistic TrueView preview.

Stitching sequence of the fixing stitch and drop-sequin command is automatically controlled by Wilcom ES to ensure correct sewing sequence and head movement on the machine.

Industry leading Chenille

Wilcom Chenille offers an array of quality Chenille digitizing tools and stitch types. Select between professional Chenille stitch types such as Straight Stitch, Island Coil or Perpendicular. Chain, Moss and Needle Height functions are supported in Wilcom allowing for even greater creativity.

For a quality finish, enclose your Chenille objects with Compound Chenille border. Customize your Compound Chenille border with Chain or Moss stitch to achieve the desired effect.

Transform and shape your designs

Use Shaping tools to weld, combine and flatten embroidery or vector objects. Ideal for processing overlapping drawings or embroidery objects, Shaping tools will save you editing and digitizing time. Optionally create an overlap to ensure your newly processed objects sew correctly on the machine without unwanted gaps.

Mirror-Merge automatically repeats whole designs or elements to create intricate, artistic patterns in seconds. Repeat an emblem design to generate cost and time-effective sewing sequences, or duplicate and combine simple objects into elaborate wreaths. Mirror-Merge automatically sequences each color block to eliminate unnecessary machine color changes.

Creative effects

Color Blending creates exciting perspective, shading and color effects by blending colored layers. From sunsets to wood grain effects, capturing realism in your design has never been so simple.

Convert a simple fill object into a design centerpiece with User Defined Split. Digitize your own ‘split lines’ to add detail and depth to filled objects.

To find out more about ES 65:    Download The Product Brochure

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