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Level 1

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Level 1
Level 1 - Standard Digitizing (previously known as ES 21D)

Wilcom ES 2006 Level 21D introduces you to the power of professional embroidery digitizing. Backed with Wilcom’s advanced lettering and editing features, 21D delivers a suite of sophisticated digitizing tools providing you with the flexibility to create high quality and reliable embroidery designs. Using scanned or imported artwork, create embroidery shapes with turning Satin or Tatami stitching, plus advanced stitch types like Program Split or Motif Fill.

Designed for the modern embroidery business, Level 21D supports all common embroidery industry formats.

Full range of stitch types

In addition to essential Tatami, Satin and Run stitch types, Wilcom ES 21D is enhanced with a spectrum of fancy fill and stitch styles.

Backstitch and Stemstitch are two versatile outline stitches. Backstitch is an older-style, adaptable stitch which can be used for delicate outlines. Stemstitch is thicker and can be used to mimic hand sewn embroidery. Both can be used to make a smooth continuous row of stitching suitable for outlines.

Fancy fills and effects

Textured patterns are easy in Wilcom ES 21D. Take Tatami to a new level with Tatami offsets. With Tatami offsets, you can create interesting patterns of needle penetrations. Partition Lines provide another technique to customize your fancy fills.

Looking for something more creative? Motif and Program Split fills offer the perfect solution. Select from a library of over 320 fill effects, or create your own!

Use Jagged Edge to create rough edges, shading effects, or imitate fur and other fluffy textures.

Digitizing couldn’t be easier!

Wilcom ES uses automatic Beziers to create object outlines which creates objects much faster than traditional Bezier methods. Unlike the traditional Bezier method, you do not need to click and drag to create a curved line. Simply use the left mouse button for a cusp point or right mouse button for a smooth curve point, and Wilcom ES will automatically curve the line.

Object duplication is a breeze. Simply right-click and drag an object to create an instant duplicate. Position the duplicate on-screen to build a design from existing objects.

Options available in the Arrange and Transform toolbar make rotating, skewing, and size manipulation simple, allowing you to spend more time digitizing and less time editing.

Oops, I did it again!

Mistakes happen! But the knowledge that you can 'undo' them is a powerful reassurance. Wilcom ES 2006 takes this safety net a step further by improving the Undo and Redo commands. ES 2006 now supports up to 256 undo and redo command actions. Every action performed is recorded in the Undo and Redo List. You can read exactly what actions have been performed and choose a precise point in the action list to undo or redo to. Just think of the time and frustration this will save!

Automatic digitizing

Smart Design automatic digitizing comes standard in Wilcom ES 21D. Smart Design recognizes shapes in bitmap images and makes decisions about the most suitable input methods and stitch types to use.

Smart Design also determines the stitching sequence based on closest join. Artwork is effectively ‘batch processed’ to create the many embroidery objects that make up a design, saving costly digitizing time.

To find out more about ES21D:    Download The Product Brochure

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